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Mechanical Weighbridge
Mechanical Weighbridge are highly accurate and robust weight measuring units that are designed by our skilled professionals as per industrial standards that make the robust and efficient. These units are capable to run of DC as well as AC power.
Electronic Platform Scale
Electronic Platform Scale are measuring units that are commonly used in industries and commercial sectors for the weight measurement of various types heavy objects. Buyers can get these top quality instruments from us in bulk at a reasonable price.
Electronic Scales
Our company offers small to medium sized Electronic Scales that are used for the accurate measurement of light objects with excellent repeatability. They are equipped with best in class semi-conductor elements that make the fast in action.
Loadcell manufactured and supplied by us are especially designed for the heavy duty weight and force measuring machineries. These small and highly rigid transducers are manufactured by using best in class materials that make them capable to bear extreme loads.
Mechanical Platform Scale
We are one of the best manufacturer of heavy duty Mechanical Platform Scale that are designed as per the industrial standards by using top grade materials. They are available in many different sizes and designs according their load measuring capacities.
Electronic Conversion Kit
We are offering various types of weight measuring devices under the category name of Electronic Conversion Kit that are used to measure weight of truck and other vehicles. They are equipped with top quality sensors and semiconductor devices that make them highly accurate.
Table Top Electronic Scale
Table Top Electronic Scale manufactured and supplied by us are available in various different sizes as per their weight measuring capacities. They are equipped with best in class electronic and semiconductor elements that make them capable to function with high precision and accuracy. 
Filling Machine
Our company is a leading name which deals in the manufacturing and exporting of high performance Filling Machine that are especially designed for the packaging line of various industries to fill large volume of powdered and liquid substances within containers. 
Shear Beam Load Cell
Shear Beam Load Cell manufactured and supplied by us are suitable for medium to large capacity weighing applications. These components are commonly used in heavy duty weighbridges and various types of industrial grade weight measuring units.

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